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How can I identify and replace my filters?
To change your air cleaner or humidifier filter, you must first switch your thermostat to the off position. If you have an electronic air cleaner, it must be switched off too; there will be a second power off switch on the air cleaner itself. To replace the humidifier water panel, it is necessary to first identify the humidistat. The humidistat controls the flow of water through the humidifier panel. The humidistat is a small control attached to the return air duct; some are positioned next to the heating/cooling thermostat. The humidistat can be identified by a dial that should read either 10-20-30-40% or hi-med-low on the front of the control. If are having trouble locating the humidistat, find a thin wire attached to the humidifier and follow it to the humidistat located at the other end!

Locate your furnace to identify the cold air return; it will be the large duct that attaches to the side of the furnace, generally towards the bottom. Where the return duct attaches to the furnace, you will find a vertical slot that will vary in size and thickness ... that ís your air cleaner! Follow the return duct a few feet and you will see the humidifier! Please note that the humidifier can be mounted on all sides of the return duct.

Humidifier Filter

Makes & Models
The manufacturerís make and model should be clearly visible on the outer door or casing of the humidifier or air cleaner. Many humidifiers have the make on the front and the model on the side of the outer casing.

Electronic Air Cleaners
The make is generally found on the front door. The model and serial number can be found on the back of the front door.

Humidifier Water Panel Replacement (Non drum type)
The water panel inside your humidifier is a honeycomb-patterned cartridge and there are generally two ways to access it:

Aprilaire Models: Remove the door and the filter should be clearly visible in front of you.

Carrier, General, Honeywell Models: Identify the bottom of the humidifier where the drain line attaches to the humidifier, and you will notice that there are one or two screws, one on either side of the drain spout. Loosen the screws and you should be able to unhinge the bottom assembly. Carefully remove the bottom and the filter will fall out at the same time. Occasionally it is necessary to disconnect the clamp connected to the drain. Finally, refer to the back of our genuine replacement water panel box and follow the easy ìHow to change your filterî steps.

For assistance with all other humidifier models, please refer to your owner's manual or contact our Customer Care Department.

Air Cleaner Media Filter Replacement (Non-electronic)
Once you remove the door, the disposable filter should be clearly visible. The replacement part number and the size of the filter are usually printed on the outer edge of the filter. If your filter is labelled 20x25x5, you require a filter 20" x 25" in size and 5" in thickness. The actual size of the filter is slightly less. When replacing the filter pay particular attention to the ìair flowî arrows printed on the filter. As a general rule, the arrows point towards the furnace.

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