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Equipment Make & Model Part # Description *Unit Price
Carrier/Bryant/Payne/Day & Night UVLCC1LP1020-A01 UVLXXRPL1020 Replacement UV Lamp 225.00  Buy Now
Electro Breeze UV401 UVBULB401 UV Bulb 130.00  Buy Now
Emerson/White Rodgers/Skuttle UV100, UV200 UVP-06207, 8711500628787, 628787 Genuine White-Rodgers ComfortPro replacement UV-C lamp. Overall length 16" the glass length is 15 inches. 4-Pin (2G11). Sold as each (2 required-UV200). 60.00  Buy Now
Everpure UV4 UV4 2 Bulbs UV Sterilizer (Please Indicate Watts) 165.00  Buy Now
Fresh-Aire UV TRI-TUVLM-PRT TRI-TUVLM-PRT UVC Lamp & 1" Photocatalytic Media (Cut to Size) Replace once a year. (No Returns). 406.00  Buy Now
Honeywell UC100E1030 UC100E1030 36" Watt Bulb 155.00  Buy Now
L2B Environmental DR001-BA-02 UV-44BD01003, 8711500888297, 888297 95W Germicidal All Air 1000 UV Bulb 21". (2G11 Base-4-Pin), Sold as ea. 95.00  Buy Now
L2B Environmental DR001-BA-02 UV-44BD01001, 8711500710345. 710345 60W Germicidal All Air 1000 UV Bulb 16". (2G11 Base-4-Pin), Sold as ea. 78.00  Buy Now
L2B Environmental DR001-BA-02 UV-44BD01002, 8711500628787, 628787 36W Germicidal UV-C Bulb 16". (2G11 Base-4-Pin), Sold as ea. 68.00  Buy Now
L2B Environmental IUV2S60M4LD35M IUV2S60M4LD35M Philips Ballast 198.00  Buy Now
Lennox PCO-12C X8149 UV Light Bulbs Each.(Requires 4 Bulbs) 62.00  Buy Now
Respicaire 6RBUVV18W9L 6RBUVV18W9L 18W TUV, 4 Pin Germicidal Long Single Twin Tube CFL Bulb - 1 Year Supply. 140.00  Buy Now
Sanuvox R Max, S300, R+, R4000-GX, HRV 8 LMPHGJ105 T6 Dual Zone High Intensity 10.5" UV "J" Lamp. For biological sterilization & chemical odor control. 350.00  Buy Now
Sanuvox SABERPW16/24-GM2 LMPRGPT160T5 T5 Germicidal (UVC) 16'' Straight Lamp. Change Every Year (No Returns Or Exchanges). 135.00  Buy Now
Viqua IHS22-E4 602810-103 Replacement Lamp and Quartz Sleeve Combo Pack 282.72  Buy Now

* Unit Price is quantity discounted where applicable
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